Meaty Monochrome

materials. oil and acrylic on canvas title. Meaty Monochrome date. March 2018 city. Vancouver size. 24" x 36"

Animal rights


In my portrait piece for my VISA 230 class I was hoping to bring up the topic of animal rights. I am myself a vegetarian and a huge animal lover and I always witness heated discussions about whether animals deserve the way we treat them now (especially coming from Ukraine, where animal rights are none of the majority of people’s concerns and where meat is a huge part of the diet). I didn’t want it to be an aggressive statement, for I do respect other people’s opinions, but I do believe that the visual medium is the strongest at encouraging the viewer to take a moment to quietly look at the uncomfortably substituted domestic pets with the ‘farm’ animals, and think about a question of “Where actually is the line between pets and food?” rather than starting a heated argument or spewing blame and hatred at each other.

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